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The Intern’s Tale: Laura Becedas Segerström

After the experience of working in a tech startup and living in this incredible city, there’s no chance that I will not come back
Laura Becedas Segerström

Laura Becedas Segerström

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My Summer at MVP Factory
My Summer at MVP Factory

After spending one year studying at TU Berlin in 2016, I felt that I was not done with the city. This time I wanted to get a taste of what it was actually like to work in this Startup capital. When browsing around LinkedIn, I found MVP Factory’s Internship vacancy and started writing my cover letter right away – I wanted that position!

One of the things that attracted me to them was that they were a young tech company working with interesting projects and with an international team. Also their developers worked remotely choosing which projects they want to take on. I wanted to find out how they managed that! After being informed that I got the position, I packed my things and left Stockholm for the summer to join the MVPF team.

An Office with a View

My journey at MVPF began in June. Little did I know, when I had my interview three months earlier at MVP Factory’s old office, that we would be moving to an office on the 29th floor with a breathtaking view over Berlin. There, I started working alongside Carl, Sr. Business Development Manager at MVPF, and with Cecilia, my other intern colleague. Throughout the internship I would support the team helping MVPF grow.

During these 3 months I was tasked to ensure that our sales goals were met. In order to accomplish this, I have been identifying leads from a variety of different industries, qualifying and approaching them with cold emails explaining our services and setting up meetings/calls. It can be really hard to find the perfect lead in a specific industry, therefore, doing some research about the company and their needs really helped me out along the way. It’s a bit weird to think how elated one can feel when somebody answers your cold email and is interested in hearing you out.

Visiting different tech events and meetups to network with possible clients was also part of my role. The challenge here was to be able to pitch MVPF in the right way; that took some practice, but if you see my pitching skills now you’ll be surprised!

A Night to Remember

TOA Berlin was one of my favorite events – so many tech enthusiasts in one place! TOA (Tech Open Air) is a technology festival where people, startups and companies from all around the world gather to exchange knowledge and to network. This 4-day festival includes workshops, inspiring talks, meetups, parties and much more. There, one of my main tasks was to announce MVPF’s first TOA Satellite Event – a party where guests not only made new and valuable contacts but also dance to an incredible lineup until the wee hours of the morning. I’m not only glad that I was part of the organizational team behind that great party, but also that I got to enjoy the night with my friends and the MVPF Team!

Get Up, Stand Up

Every Tuesday is stand up session in the office. During this everyone gathers around and talks about what they have been up to in the last week. These sessions really helped me understand what everyone in the team was working on and giving me a clear picture of how we were accomplishing all the projects. It also helped me get more familiar with the people working in the office, which led to a fearless atmosphere in which one was able to ask for help whenever required. Throughout these three months everybody was supportive and listened to me whenever I approached them with my own inputs. I was also present at two team dinner events, where I got to hang out with the team outside the office and got to know them on a more personal level.

Even though it could be hard to concentrate sometimes with the amazing view or whenever Barney (Ben’s dog) was around the office – I feel pretty happy with what I have achieved in this internship. I learned how to approach possible clients, increased the number of leads, learned how to work within a team but also independently, came up with different strategies that will help the team optimize the sales process, gained an insider’s perspective on how an internet startup actually works and met so many amazing people during the whole internship!

Now that my summer at MVPF is over soon, it is time to pack my things and leave Berlin for Stockholm to finish my studies. After the experience of working in a tech startup and living in this incredible city, there’s no chance that I will not come back.