Employer’s Remote Work Guide

Employer’s Remote Work Guide

The move to remote work has been accelerated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the last year, much has been said about the #newnormal.

We at MVP Factory strongly believe in the ‘future of work’ and have been remote-friendly since founding the company in 2016.


It’s your goal to find ways that fit your team, keep them going, and stay motivated.

We’ve tried many approaches, made many mistakes, and have found an equilibrium that works for us. Furthermore, we wanted to share some learnings around key topics to consider, in the hope that it helps you to get up and running, as quickly & smoothly as possible.

We want to share our learnings.

This guide to remote work is a comprehensive collection of all of our learnings over the last 5 years of remote work and covers key topics such as communication, tools & meeting structures.

Topics included

  • Icon/16/list itemHow to clearly communicate long term goals & values
  • Icon/16/list itemHow to proactively offer support to employees while remote
  • Icon/16/list itemHow to implement, push & encourage company-wide projects and initiatives.