How to avoid becoming another digital dinosaur

How to avoid becoming another digital dinosaur

Companies have to look beyond the presentations and five-year plans and start to ask themselves: “what are we good at?”, “what do we want to be better at?”, and “what can I do now to get there as quickly as possible?”. Execution and agility is now the main focus as companies become increasingly digitized.

Is your company digitally prepared?

According to a study from MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte, only 44% of enterprises feel adequately prepared for the digital disruptions projected to occur in their industry. Size might have been the unfair advantage of many enterprises, especially German Mittelstands Companies, in the past. However, today bigger isn’t always better.


Too often, big companies think in silos, making them digitally inefficient and old fashioned

P. Kreicarek
Design Director at MVP Factory

We have identified 5 core strategies to avoid the pitfalls of being left behind in a digital world:

  • Icon/16/list itemCut down your big projects into smaller ones
  • Icon/16/list itemWork with small teams
  • Icon/16/list itemFocus on customer-centric structures
  • Icon/16/list itemClearly define roles and responsibilities for your teams
  • Icon/16/list itemWork in agile sprints

In a nutshell, enterprises need to become adaptable and open to new ways of working. A successful digital transformation doesn’t start at the top of a company as a directive, it should instead be a collective effort.

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