MVP Factory gives companies the agility to thrive in a software-defined world

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Our services

We deliver digital impact

We help our clients not only better understand their markets and customers to define digital opportunities, but also actually bring them to market and operationalize digital products at scale.

All whilst enabling and transferring knowledge to our client's internal teams.

Icons/Services/design and build

Design & build digital products

  • Icon/16/list itemYou have a (validated) product idea and need reliable, expert implementation?
  • Icon/16/list itemWe bring your idea to life following design and coding best practices. From a first MVP to a fully scalable solution - depending on your requirements.
Icons/Services/explore and validate

Explore & validate digital opportunities

  • Icon/16/list itemYou have an idea that you want to explore and validate or you want to ideate together around a certain market or problem?
  • Icon/16/list itemWe ideate and explore your idea or portfolio of ideas from multiple perspectives (e.g. market, tech, business model) before validating through prototyping and user testing.
Icons/Services/scale digital innovation

Scale digital innovation

  • Icon/16/list itemYou want to scale digital innovation within your organization and establish a process for prioritizing, validating and building ideas?
  • Icon/16/list itemWe help you to set up a scalable, multi-stage digital innovation funnel with objective KPIs for prioritization and stage gates - your own internal "MVP Factory".
Icons/Services/staff agile teams

Staff agile teams & digital units

  • Icon/16/list itemYou lack digital talents to staff your projects or agile teams?
  • Icon/16/list itemWe match you with vetted developers, designers and product managers from our proprietary European network of freelancers and help you build teams that deliver.
Icons/Services/venture building

Venture Building

  • Icon/16/list itemYou want to launch and scale a digital venture? Or build a platform for a portfolio of ventures?
  • Icon/16/list itemWe partner to build and scale an independent new venture from scratch - with a governance structure, team and incentivization to enable long-term, sustainable success.

Case studies


Our services

Our capabilities

In our team we combine the capabilities of product studios, design agencies, management consultancies, corporate innovation teams, technology providers and start-up incubators. By covering the whole spectrum we can serve our clients best.

Business & Growth
  • Icon/16/list itemBusiness Design
  • Icon/16/list itemInnovation Strategy
  • Icon/16/list itemMarket & Business Intelligence
  • Icon/16/list itemAgile & Digital Transformation
  • Icon/16/list itemVenture Development
  • Icon/16/list itemGrowth Marketing
  • Icon/16/list itemSEO & Content Strategy
  • Icon/16/list itemand more…
Product & Design
  • Icon/16/list itemUser Centered Product Discovery
  • Icon/16/list itemProduct Strategy
  • Icon/16/list itemAgile Product Management
  • Icon/16/list itemCustomer Experience Design
  • Icon/16/list itemInteraction Design
  • Icon/16/list itemRapid Prototyping
  • Icon/16/list itemSystem Architecture
  • Icon/16/list itemWeb & Mobile Development
  • Icon/16/list itemAPI & CMS Development
  • Icon/16/list itemDevOps & Infrastructure Architecture
  • Icon/16/list itemManual & Automated testing
  • Icon/16/list itemSupport & Maintenance
  • Icon/16/list itemIT Security
two employees working at their desks with amaizing office views

Start from here

Quick Start Engagements

Choose from our proven and optimized solutions to kick-start your project.

Icons/Solutions/discovery sprint
Discovery Sprint

Go through a research-focused process to unravel and prioritize impactful business opportunities.

  • Icon/16/list item2-4 weeks
  • Icon/16/list itemThorough customer, market, tech, and business analysis
  • Icon/16/list itemA prioritized shortlist of high potential innovation opportunities
  • Icon/16/list itemPitch deck for internal decision making
Icons/Solutions/rapid prototyping
Rapid Prototyping

Get 360° validation of your business concept through iterative prototyping, customer testing & business analysis.

  • Icon/16/list item6-8 weeks
  • Icon/16/list itemA kick-off ready product or venture concept
  • Icon/16/list itemProduct prototypes/mockups with an extensive validation report
  • Icon/16/list itemManagement decision deck
Icons/Solutions/100 days
100 Day MVP

Incubate your next product with our team of cross- functional experts, starting development from day 10.

  • Icon/16/list item12-16 weeks
  • Icon/16/list itemCustomer-validated live MVP or closed-beta MVP
  • Icon/16/list itemBusiness plan, incl. marketing, sales & growth strategy
  • Icon/16/list itemOperating & maintenance model + venture phase HR outlook

Our value chain


We work across the value chain and don't always build new products or ventures since we know that the biggest impact often comes from optimizing and digitizing the core.

Optimization of Core Business

The use of digital technologies accelerates, simplifies and automates existing processes, which in particular leads to higher cost efficiency.

Icons/Ventures/digital business expansion
Digital Business Expansion

Existing business models are gradually being expanded and scaled by identifying digital potential and implementing appropriate solutions to increase sales.

Icons/Ventures/new digital business
New Digital Businesses

We identify and develop new sources of income through digital innovations in order to build up another core business.

We are also experienced across various product categories, including:

Machine Learning
Landing Pages
Internal Tools
Automation & RPA
Augmented Reality
and more…

Our expertise


Real Estate
  • Icon/16/list itemCBRE GmbH
  • Icon/16/list itemThermondo GmbH
  • Icon/16/list itemCosuno Ventures GmbH
  • Icon/16/list itemzenhomes GmbH
Mobility & Logistics
  • Icon/16/list itemVolkswagen AG
  • Icon/16/list itemDaimler Fleetboard GmbH
  • Icon/16/list itemHIVE Logistics GmbH
  • Icon/16/list itemTourlane GmbH
  • Icon/16/list itemVoya GmbH
  • Icon/16/list itemNKF Media GmbH
  • Icon/16/list itemOpinary GmbH
Trade & Retail
  • Icon/16/list itemjunglück GmbH
  • Icon/16/list itemDodax AG
  • Icon/16/list itemRakuten Europe S.a.r.l.
  • Icon/16/list itemJebsen&Jessen GmbH & Co. KG
  • Icon/16/list itemNumberFour AG
Financial Services
  • Icon/16/list itemW&Z FinTech GmbH
  • Icon/16/list itemBNP Paribas S.A.
  • Icon/16/list itemSignal Iduna Krankenversicherung AG
  • Icon/16/list itemDeutsche Leasing AG
  • Icon/16/list itemWefox Group Services (Ger) GmbH
  • Icon/16/list itemSCHUFA Holding AG
  • Icon/16/list itemInnolend GmbH
  • Icon/16/list itemDeutsche Niederlassung der Friday Insurance S.A.
  • Icon/16/list itemverimi GmbH
  • Icon/16/list itemrelocately UG
  • Icon/16/list itemMossy Earth LTD
  • Icon/16/list itemSelfapy GmbH
  • Icon/16/list itemAsservato GmbH
Public Services & Nonprofits
  • Icon/16/list itemDRK e.V. Generalsekretariat
  • Icon/16/list itemBWI GmbH
  • Icon/16/list itemDeutsche Renten Information e.V.
  • Icon/16/list itemJim Button Foundation - Malao Fondation GmbH
Technology & Manufacturing
  • Icon/16/list itemOC Oerlikon Management AG
  • Icon/16/list itemKörber Digital GmbH
  • Icon/16/list itemAdamos GmbH
  • Icon/16/list itemPanalpina Management Ltd
  • Icon/16/list itemPricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH
  • Icon/16/list itemTorben, Lucie und die gelbe Gefahr GmbH
  • Icon/16/list itemKPMG IT Service GmbH
  • Icon/16/list itemGULP Consulting Services GmbH
  • Icon/16/list itemZero360 GmbH
  • Icon/16/list itemeccelerate GmbH
  • Icon/16/list itemStrategy&Middle East Ltd.
  • Icon/16/list itemOliver Wymann GmbH
Life Science & Chemicals
  • Icon/16/list itemMerck KGaA
  • Icon/16/list itemBASF SE
  • Icon/16/list itemHenkel AG & Co. KGaA