How we helped MarketTech to digitize their real estate portfolio.

The Challenge

MarketTech (LSE:MKT, now LabTech) is the owner of London’s iconic Camden Market. Being a real estate by nature and having made first investments in tech ventures who could benefit the market operations and yield, a clear strategy was missing. Moreover, MarketTech had the desire to launch a co-working business within an empty building of the market.

The Solution

Over a period of 14 months MVP Factory formulated and executed a digital strategy for MarketTech consisting of three main pillars: ‘Market Operations’, ‘Market Yield’ and ‘Coworking’.

Within Market Operations we designed & built a custom property management platform from scratch increasing efficiency of the market operations team by x3. At the same time, we recommended and executed the acquisition of Berlin offline analytics startup Minodes, in order to add a layer of intelligence to operations.

Very professional team of developers, exceeded expectations time and time again. Already looking forward to a next project with MVPF.

Georg Bucher
Former Board Member

Within Market Yield we built a Camden Market e-commerce platform bringing various – previously only offline – market traders online, allowing MarketTech to capitalize its brand beyond market footfall.

Within ‘Coworking’ we shaped the business model, assembled the execution team and both customized an existing building management system and combined it with a community member web and app platform, both also built from scratch.

Case studies

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