100 day MVP

Incubate your next product with our team of cross- functional experts, starting development from day 10.

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You have a product concept and want to build and launch it in just 100 days?

We will be taking full responsibility for your product as a strategic partner and internal value driver that materialises quickly through successful new ventures beyond your core business.

Get a lean, user-centric MVP developed by a dedicated entrepreneurial team that turns your concept into a functional product ready to be launched.

Actionable results after 12-16 weeks
  • Customer-validated live MVP or closed-beta MVP
  • (Venture) business plan, incl. marketing, sales & growth strategy
  • Operating & maintenance model + venture phase HR outlook
Solution Space

Why run the 100 day MVP?

Business impact

We are not consultants who now also “do digital” but entrepreneurs who now also “consult” and build winning digital products .We define clear product- and business goals, experiment and are not afraid to test our hypotheses.

Agile execution at start-up speed

By following agile principles, we stay flexible enough to react to changing requirements  On average we need 100 days to launch an MVP.

Building products that customers love

We start with the end users in mind and design solutions based on real customer needs. By doing this, we ensure that our products and services are relevant and add real value.

Capability building

We believe that working together in one team - covered by coaching of methods and tools in agile product development - is the most effective way to enable your people to build digital products on their own.

We build and launch your MVP in just 100 days

Phase 1
  • Setting up development & IT environments, deployment plan etc.
  • Sprint backlog, sprint planning, sprint retro, sprint review, etc.
  • Execution of development sprints
Phase 2
Agile development
  • Setup of Confluence documentation
  • Maintaining code quality standards, document product development  & architecture (for easy handover)
  • DevOps Documentation
Phase 3
Go-Live strategy
  • Definition of important product features with regard to the value proposition
  • Qualitative & quantitative user testing
  • Action plan development for Go-Live, marketing, sales & operations
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