Disrupt your industry with a portfolio of ventures

We match top-tier corporates and exceptional founders in our unique Venture Studio setup to build portfolios of high-growth ventures in various industries.

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Venture studio 101

How do we build venture studios?

Our battle-tested process reduces time and resources required to launch successful ventures, leading to higher success rates, scalability, and sustainability. 

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Build a portfolio

Our venture studios enable corporate partners to adopt a proven VC portfolio approach, enhancing industry impact, increasing venture success, and maximizing return on investment.

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Combine CVB & CVC

Combining corporate assets with external venture building expertise, and access to venture capital creates tangible advantages for portfolio ventures while maintaining venture independence.

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Ensure founder incentivization

We help to create a strong incentivization structure for the founding team that aligns with the desired ownership model of our corporate partners while ensuring founder & VC attractiveness.


Why are venture studios on the rise?

Venture studios offer enterprises a strategic avenue for innovation, enabling them to explore new business models, experiment with emerging technologies and foster competitiveness in evolving markets.

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The portfolio approach of venture studios allows our corporate partners to spread investments across multiple ventures, increasing their industry impact and technology exposure while reducing the overall investment risk.

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Strategic advantage

Venture studios offer a unique opportunity to maximize the unfair advantage of corporate assets by pairing their strategic value with external capital across multiple studio ventures.

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Capital efficiency

By embracing external investors, venture studios can incubate capital-intensive high-risk business models while utilizing these investors as external validation, thus optimizing both financial resources and market viability.

Our venture studios

Disruption through partnership

We have built successful venture studios with ambitious partners across industries - and we’re just getting started.

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Together with Schenker Ventures we support founders to turn powerful logistic ideas into ventures. Learn how our unique model allows us to quickly validate, build and scale companies.

New venture studio coming soon

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While others focus on conceptualization, this is just the starting point for MVPF. Their focus is on real execution, taking business to the streets, winning customers, investors, and more. This makes MVPF a great partner to establish true entrepreneurship.

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Head of Venture Building
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Our Methodology

Venture studio as a service

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Real entrepreneurs

Being entrepreneurs ourselves combined with our experience of constantly  building our own MVPF venture portfolio allows us to stay closely connected to the startup ecosystem while transferring our own learnings into our partners' venture studios.

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Founder pool

Our deep roots in various startup ecosystems and wide VC network allows us to provide our corporate partners with access to our unique pool of potential founders. We search, screen, and match exceptional founders to each venture.

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Skin in the game

We believe that the best way to show full commitment to every single venture is to share the risk with our corporate partners. We are happy to co-invest in each venture so we are perfectly aligned around the venture portfolio success.

Case studies

Partners in digital transformation

We take pride in our track record of helping clients overcome challenges and seize opportunities through venture building. Here are a few examples of how we've partnered with our clients to build impactful ventures and innovative business solutions

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For founders

Why become a founder of one of our ventures?

We partner with founders to build and scale the next generation of market leaders.

✓ Get €300k pre-seed funding (in return for 23% of the venture)

✓ Receive validation support from our partner MVP Factory in an 8 to 12 weeks validation process

✓ Stay in full control of your company

✓ Obtain monthly living stipend

✓ Benefit from continuous support by our Venture Studio