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Together with Schenker Ventures, we support real entrepreneurs to turn powerful logistics ideas into successful ventures - fast. Be part of the next logistics cohort and become a Founder!

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A new way of building companies

The Schenker Venture Studio is made to partner with visionary entrepreneurs at the idea stage who want to build exceptional startups from scratch. From day one, the Studio provides unparalleled support throughout the venture-building journey - from full-agnostic founding, scaling, and funding the company. The best part? Founders retain the vast majority of shares & have access to assets from one of the most successful logistics players in the world.

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Our values

Lead with an advantage

As one of the world’s leading logistics providers, DB Schenker offers founders access to their business partners & global network along the entire value and supply chain.

Additionally, a broad customer base in more than 2,100 locations in over 130 countries are accessible in order to ideate and validate business opportunities. These unique "unfair advantages" can not just be leveraged in Land Transport, but also in Ocean Freight, Air Freight and Contract Logistics. In addition, DB Schenker’s own field experts will provide their know-how and network.

Venture building whitepaper

Check out our whitepaper on how to prioritize your best innovation ideas for effective execution.

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Ventures we have built together so far

We have built successful ventures with ambitious founders across industries - and we’re just getting started.

in stealth, 2022

Insuretech venture transforming truck fleet insurance through usage-based tariffs, cutting costs, and reducing accidents for carriers.

in stealth, 2023

Logistics tech venture focused on warehouse tender management, providing a cutting-edge solution for efficiency, collaboration, and quality in logistics partnerships.

in stealth, 2023

Supply-chain optimization venture facilitating supplier collaboration for e-commerce shops through data-driven forecasting and advanced technologies, driving global success.

What we focus on

Investment thesis

The Schenker Venture Studio is investing time & money at a very early stage into ideas and founders in order to validate promising logistics opportunities. Special focus areas are (non-exclusive):

Digitization & automation

New approaches to digitize and automate processes.

Visibility & predictability

Finding cutting-edge ways to guarantee that shipments arrive on-time.

Security & transparency

Services that increase transparency & security in the handling of data.

Urban delivery & logistics

Innovative solutions for the transport of goods in urban areas.

XaaS (Anything-as-a-Service)

Offering our capabilities & resources as a service model to 3rd parties.

Edge technologies

Further promising technologies incl. e.g. Blockchain, IoT, Telematics, or AI.

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Venture Studio

Is a venture studio right for your organisation?

Venture studios empower organizations to build a diversified portfolio of ventures, maximizing industry impact and success. By combining ideas, talents, capital, and resources, they create an environment where exceptional companies can be built - fast.

Our Process

Here's how we make it work

We embrace the entire journey from day one, empowering founders to navigate the exhilarating path of founding, scaling, and funding their ventures.

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1. Ideation

Founders either bring their own idea or get provided with a powerful business concept from our internal idea backlog.

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2. Validation

Measuring and validating together the founder as well as the product-market fit incl. desirability, feasibility and viability.

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3. Spin-out & creation

After successful validation, the founder team gets a €300k Pre-Seed ticket for their independent NewCo. Scope and build a market-ready & fully tested MVP with the help of our designers, engineers, marketers and developers.

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4. Scale-up

The Schenker Venture Studio team is driving the growth by hiring key employees and setting-up operations, marketing & sales, while founders can keep the focus on business building.

Case studies

We partner with ambitious companies to execute their digital initiatives

We take pride in our track record of helping clients overcome challenges and seize opportunities through venture building. Take a closer look at one of our recent projects.

Patrick Hofmann.

Strong combination between creativity and perfect project steering, the team overdelivered what was expected, looking forward to new projects soon!

Patric Hoffmann
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Come build the next great company with us

The Schenker Venture Studio is combining the corporate power of DB Schenker with the entrepreneurial mindset of the MVPF Venture Studio.

You can count on us to support you in key strategic decisions and remain your sparring partner - day and night. We have been, and continue to be in, your shoes.

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