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The ask
Our corporate partner aimed to bring light to women’s hormonal health, enabling a culture of support and holistic education.
The Solution
A user-personalized web platform carefully curated to offer medically-verified content to women dealing with hormonal imbalances.

Today, 1 out of 10 women deal with Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and half of the population is bound to experience menopause in their life. However, there is still a lack of awareness around it - the internet is filled with misinformation, and no platform exists that provides medically verified content, especially for PCOS.

Together with our partner, MVP Factory identified a need for a trusted source of guidance and support around hormonal imbalance among women. From the product perspective, we realized that a platform that allows women an inventory of expert content and uninterrupted access to the community can bridge this gap.

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The Challenge

When dealing with the sensitive health information of the users, the initial challenge we faced was ensuring that the data was secure on the platform and there was no scope for a breach.

Further, with the business entity based in the UK, we had to navigate the privacy laws and regulatory landscape and successfully acquire a medical board. Combating that and running operations remotely was no small feat.

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What we did

Validating hypothesis and facilitating successful Go-To-Market launch

When we started the project, our first step was validating the initial hypothesis - “there is a need for expert support and guidance around hormonal imbalance.”

We launched the web application in a mere span of 4 weeks and decided to test the viability of the business model along with various messaging. Through landing page tests and targeted social media ads, we were able to successfully validate the hypothesis and the driving vision of “for the women, by the women.”

Our landing page test had over 1M impressions along with 16K clicks on the landing page. The Brand Awareness campaigns ran on LinkedIn and Facebook led to over 1800 signups while keeping a Customer Acquisition and Retention Cost (CARC) of 11£.

Successfully adhering to GDPR and UK privacy laws

The launch process also encompassed ensuring that we’re GDPR and the UK Privacy Laws compliant. We hired a legal team that reviewed the application and the data we’re collecting and had multiple brainstorming sessions to identify the correct terms of use.

To verify data security on the platform, we ran multiple vulnerability and performance tests with results showcasing no critical vulnerability issues and anonymized both internal and external reporting.

Medical board acquisition and interactive admin dashboard creation

The MVPF team built a highly interactive PowerBi dashboard to gather valuable insights to enable data-driven decision-making around the product features and user preferences in the app. 

To facilitate the creation of medically verified content, we acquired a medical board of three general practitioners and one nutritionist based in the UK and created content workflows - starting from the initial search to the content publication, incorporating multiple rounds of feedback and reviews.

MVP Factory built the platform personalized to the users’ needs which means that once a user registers on the app, they complete an 8-step sign-up process - this allows them to venture on a learning journey through a carefully curated content gallery modified according to their needs. 

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Value delivered

Empowering Women's Hormonal Health Journey with Medically-Verified Content through a Platform personalized to their needs

MVP Factory successfully validated the hypothesis, launched the web app, and reached the initial acquisition goal of 1K users in just three weeks. Today, there are 1800+ users on our platform, with around 200 medically-verified content pieces.

In the last three months, we’ve had around 4k reads on our article and more than 2000 searches on the platform. According to a user-satisfaction survey, more than 70% of our users would be disappointed if they didn’t have Third Nature. 

The team’s expertise in corporate venture building allowed us to build a successful entity while being completely remote. In the future, MVP Factory along with the corporate plans to expand the offering and launch a mobile app - we strive to become the go-to platform for PCOS and menopause for women.

I would tell anyone with PCOS to join and read through the articles and you’ll feel so much happier and at peace with it. Third Nature makes it feel as though you’re friends.
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Core Team

The humans behind this project

Ioanna Papakanderaki
Senior Product Manager
David Geffroy
Venture Architect
Aladin Mahmic
Tech Lead