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The world is turning faster and companies must be able to innovate at speed to stay competitive. However, it’s becoming increasingly clear to corporates that the traditional model of trying to innovate internally simply can’t keep up. Boosting their innovation engines and funding their own ventures has proved to be the answer for many.

As corporates follow portfolio approaches to innovation, Venture Building may provide the highest return opportunity.

That's not to say that corporate venture isn't without its challenges - in over 200 projects we've seen widely different approaches and learned a lot about the challenges faced by venture builders today.

Ranging from demanding expectation management to a lack of knowledge of digital product building, although we haven't found the panacea for venture building ourselves(yet), we've put together extensive interviews with corporate managers at different job levels, venture architects, and our own accumulated experience in building successful ventures and distilled all of this knowledge onto "how to build better ventures, faster".

Some of what we'll cover:

→ How to differentiate between the most relevant models of corporate venture building according to your business goals

→ The most important success factors behind corporate venture building

→ How to set up your corporate culture to facilitate the successful future of ventures

→ How Venture studios are redefining the traditional startup models

→ Deciphering the Venture-studio diamond model to optimise all the available resources

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Topics included
  • Diverse models of corporate venture building
  • Success factors and corporate culture
  • Venture studios and resource optimization