How we helped MarketTech to build an Airbnb for co-working spaces.

For a FTSE500 company in the real estate sector, the digitization of their asset portfolio was the logical next step to become a figurehead in the PropTech space in each of its operative markets.

As part of this digital transformation initiative, MVP Factory was brought onboard to develop the client’s first client facing tech venture from scratch and was asked to accompany the development post launch of NOMAD the Airbnb of coworking and office spaces.


MVP Factory‘s designers drafted and executed the brand propositions for NOMAD and developed Prototypes for user testing and for the final board approval. Furthermore, all product decisions were supported by MVPF product leads.

The final product is an end-to-end marketplace that enables people and small companies to find and book desks, office spaces or meeting rooms, on-demand and on the go – similar to Airbnb.
With MVP Factory’s help, the client diversified its offerings and made the step to digitize its real estate portfolio, which was positively interpreted by the capital markets and resulted in an increase of market cap upon announcement.

screenshots of the Verimi application

MVP Factory proved to be the perfect plug & play solution for building our platform. Smooth process, started fast, going strong. Would recommend them anytime.

Ansel Liu
CEO, Nomad

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