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Signal Iduna

Turning an offline sales company into a digital champion



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The ask

Help Signal Iduna adopt B2B digital marketing best practices.

The Solution

A custom digital tool stack that enables Signal Iduna’s online sales and marketing teams.


Signal Iduna – one of Germany’s largest insurers – partnered with MVP Factory to build digital marketing capabilities and structures to allow their online marketing to become a key acquisition channel.

At the same time, they were also in urgent need to transform the company into a digital powerhouse by reimagining the organization and upskilling the company’s teams to become digitally-savvy marketing experts.

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When we first arrived at Signal Iduna, we noticed that the team there had a desire to go more digital but needed expert coaching to improve their digital skills. From online strategy and creating digital marketing tools, to launching cross-channel performance campaigns and staff training, our hands were full.

The client was not yet ready for a fast-paced, test-driven approach to marketing and so we had to carefully navigate friction points with the IT, legal, and data protection departments to ensure a smooth transition into the digital-first mindset.

In order for the collaboration to succeed and the end results to show, we needed to make sure that all stakeholders embraced this change.

And if this wasn’t enough, we had to do all of this under tight budgets and deadlines. Challenge accepted.

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What we did

Enabling Cross-Functional Collaboration

We set out by building a team that would be the lead driver of the digital marketing transformation.
We included the business owner, sales, customer service and administration, and added our own experts in web development, design and performance marketing.
Our goal was to bring the Signal Iduna team closer to its customers, so they could understand and build user journeys that resonated with their audience.

Building, Refining, and Coaching

In the weeks that followed, we created 4 online direct-sales websites aimed at specific customer groups and began running online campaigns.

We unpacked each insurance product and adapted the channel-mix and targeting using A/B testing to reach the right audiences at the right time. We even developed standardized best practices to assist in the building of future campaigns.

Knowledge Transfer

Throughout the journey, we held 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Product Owners and dedicated workshops together with the Signal Iduna team to share best practices in digital marketing and agile ways of working, ensuring teams to perform with complete autonomy.


Value delivered

It took us just 4 weeks to build a cross-functional team and launch the first digital campaigns.

Right away, leads started coming which created enormous motivation and energy for the teams by showing how quickly impact can be generated when working in modern, agile and digital setups and how effective performance marketing can be leveraged.

All of this was enabled by building a flexible marketing tech stack and coaching, which allowed the “Journey Team” to work independently on certain pages, improving them with regular new insights thanks to tracking and feedback loops.

By continuously upskilling Signal Iduna’s team we were able to considerably reduce the need for our specialists, giving them full operational ownership and successfully established the first "Targetgroup journey team" at Signal Iduna, creating a lighthouse project that now serves as a blueprint for the organization.

Today, the cost, reach and business volume generated for Signal Iduna through this project positively exceeded all KPIs and projections. Meanwhile, MVPF is recognized for a results-oriented, entrepreneurial approach and delivering beyond the originally mandated scope of the project.

The making of digital heroes



Increase in leads



Reach in 3 weeks


Months from start to handover


Guys, I think you're great, you create facts when everyone else is floating around in an empty space.

Christoph Grimm
Head of Digital Factory, Signal Iduna

Core Team

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