A twilight view from our office over the Spree to the Berlin TV Tower

Our Vision

We exist to drive digitization through smart services, talents and technology.

Our Mission

We want to build Europe's most compelling digital product and venture builder - empowering both enterprises and entrepreneurs.

Our Story

Reinventing the digital agency

Since 2017 we help organizations execute their digital transformation at start-up speed by combining our expertise from entrepreneurship, design, consulting and engineering with lean and agile processes and high-performing, scalable delivery teams.

Founded by tech entrepreneur Philipp Petrescu, our original focus has been on “fixing” software development: From our experience most digital innovation initiatives either get stuck on a conceptual slide level or end up with subpar design or tech implementation. Our minimal viable product (“MVP”) was to enable organizations - from start-ups to enterprises - to build better software and so we’ve built a lot.

Growing with our clients, we broadened our service offering continuously: Starting to validate ideas before building them. Coming up with “the right” ideas in the first place. Providing strategic guidance on how to think about digital innovation or how to standardize and scale its process. Scaling products globally while improving their conversions. And ultimately not only building products but also full ventures around them including its governance and teams.

Whatever we do we always work as cross-functional, agile teams that think entrepreneurial and act pragmatically, focussed on creating an impact for our clients, regardless whether we work with global enterprises or early stage start-ups.

We create value through products not slides, are acting as builders not consultants and leverage the future of work.

An MVP Employee watching a presentation
MVP Team discussing a project in the office
Sofa in the office hangout room

Our Core Team

The team makes the difference.

Our core team combines the best of start-ups, management consultancies, design agencies and software outsourcing, creating tangible impact through state-of-the-art product management, first-hand entrepreneurial experience and a deep technical understanding.



People in our core team



Berlin based

Philipp Petrescu

Philipp Petrescu

CEO & Co-Founder

Niklas Lechner

Managing Director

Profile picture of Robert Vossen

Robert Vossen

Partner Growth

Profile picture of Johannes Simon

Johannes Simon

Managing Partner

Photo of Nermin Catovic, Director Technology and Product

Nermin Catovic

Director Technology and Product

Photo of Aladin Mahmic, Tech Lead

Aladin Mahmic

Tech Lead

Photo of Alessandro Carta, PMO Assistant

Alessandro Carta

PMO Assistant

Photo of Swenja Tauchmann, HR Manager

Swenja Tauchmann

HR Manager

Photo of Patrick Borbe, Head of Marketing

Patrick Borbe

Head of Marketing

Photo of Marie-Christin Bergmann,  Senior Communication Manager

Marie-Christin Bergmann

Senior Communication Manager

Photo of Rana Yammine, Business Development Manager

Rana Yammine

Business Development Manager

Senior Product Manager

Alex Kleinschmidt


Laura Segerström

Laura Segerström

Senior Product Manager

Photo of Ioanna Papakanderaki, Senior Product Manager

Ioanna Papakanderaki

Senior Product Manager

Photo of Hannah Fahnenstich, Junior Product Manager

Hannah Fahnenstich

Junior Product Manager

Picture of Markus Börner, Senior Venture Architect

Markus Börner

Senior Venture Architect

Photo of Moritz von Raczeck, Venture Architect

Moritz von Raczeck

Venture Architect

Photo of Jasper Wilmes, Venture Archtitect

Jasper Wilmes

Venture Architect

Picture of Marijan Divkovic, Junior Venture Architect

Marijan Divkovic

Junior Venture Architect

Photo of Kilian Sorg, Junior Venture Architect

Kilian Sorg

Junior Venture Architect

Picture of Paul Anastasiu, Product & UX Designer

Paul Anastasiu

Product & UX Designer

Photo of Zulqurnain Shoukat, Designer

Zulqurnain Shoukat


Photo of Alexander Frimpong, Product Designer

Alexander Frimpong

Product Designer

Photo of Yasir Naveed, IT Consultant

Yasir Naveed

IT Consultant

Photo of Haris Khalique, Senior Backend Engineer

Haris Khalique

Senior Backend Engineer

Photo of  Shahzaib Ali Sherazi, React Native Developer

Shahzaib Ali Sherazi

React Native Developer

Luisa Liesenberg

Luisa Liesenberg

Director Talents & Organization

Marie Combes

Marie Combes

Director Design

Photo of Marc Böhm, Venture Partner

Marc Böhm

Venture Partner

Cezar Zamfir

Cezar Zamfir

Head of Technology

Photo of Damir Seremet, Tech Lead

Damir Seremet

Tech Lead

Photo of André Seirig, PMO Lead

André Seirig

PMO Lead

Lorna Leku

Lorna Leku

Recruiting Coordinator

Photo of Sebastian Rasch, Finance Manager

Sebastian Rasch

Finance Manager

Photot of Michael Grundstein, Senior Growth Marketing Manager

Michael Grundstein

Senior Growth Marketing Manager

Picture of Kai Kersting, Business Development Manager

Kai Kersting

Business Development Manager

Photo of Isabella Thiele, Marketing & Communications Manager

Isabella Thiele

Marketing & Communications Manager

Photo of Jasper Reh, Project Manager

Jasper Reh

Project Manager

Photo Liesbeth Gericke, Senior Product Manager

Liesbeth Gericke

Senior Product Manager

Photo of Benedikt Suhr, Product Manager

Benedikt Suhr

Product Manager

Photo of Philip Morgenstern, Junior Product Manager

Philip Morgenstern

Junior Product Manager

Profile picture of Julian Rejmanowski, Senior Venture Architect

Julian Rejmanowski

Senior Venture Architect

Photo of David Geffroy, Venture Architect

David Geffroy

Venture Architect

Photo of Francesca Manganella

Francesca Manganella

Junior Venture Architect

Photo of Dorian Schlede, Junior Venture Architect

Dorian Schlede

Junior Venture Architect

Photo of Baby Jessi Parker, Product Designer

Baby Jessi Parker

Product Designer

Picture of Daniel Westerlund

Daniel Westerlund

Senior Strategic Designer

Photo of Clare Goldblatt, Product (UX/UI) Designer

Clare Goldblatt

Product (UX/UI) Designer

Photo of Vito Natalia, Senior Strategic Designer

Vito Natalia

Senior Strategic Designer

Picture of Muneeb Ahmed, Senior Backend Engineer

Muneeb Ahmed

Senior Backend Engineer

Photo of Kamran Rizwan, Senior Frontend Engineer

Kamran Rizwan

Senior Frontend Engineer

Our Extended Team

Superpowers driven by the Future of Work

One of our core believes at MVP Factory is that the Future of Work is liquid and hybrid. By liquid we mean that your workforce potential is broader than just for own employees if you start to consider freelancers as well. And by hybrid we mean that - depending on the activity - on-site and remote working are being combined.

We live by that belief and leverage our proprietary network of vetted technology freelancers - both on our projects and internally. For our clients this means faster and more efficient delivery while always working with domain experts. And for us it means being able to stay lean and agile while growing fast.

We are very passionate about driving this change also within our clients - so feel free to talk to us if you want to make your workforce future proof. We are even so passionate that we have built two companies around that: Match and Wunderforce.



Vetted freelancers all over Europe


Weeks average time to staff

What we love about our freelancers

Paul is a delight to work with, a kind, humble and curious designer who creates always strive for balancing best quality and quick results.

Marie Combes, MVPF

Paul Anastasiu

UX/UI Designer
Group 5 Copy

Andreas is not only a great software developer but also a great team player who aims to improve the product at hand.

Laura Segerström, MVPF

Andreas Wawer

Engineering Manager
Group 5 Copy

With Max you have a developer with real dedication, who pushes things beyond features, but with the product with you.

Sebastian Mörs, MVP

Maximilian Beier

Frontend Developer
Group 5 Copy

MVPF Ventures

We fund and partner with exceptional founders to get them from 0 to 1

Since we are entrepreneurial, we get hooked when meeting the right founders tackling a market or problem we are passionate about (currently: Future of Work, B2B SaaS, Sustainability, DeFi).

So occasionally we act as an 'angel investor with super powers', supporting founders hands-on in designing and building their MVPs, validating their go-to-market strategy, scaling their tech teams or providing access to our client base.

Mui logo

Kairo, 2020

Founding Investor

Minly is a platform for celebrities and fans to connect through a new form of personalized experiences.

Mossy Earth logo

Remote, 2020


Mossy Earth is a social enterprise on a mission to restore wilderness and fight climate change.

Liefergrün logo

Münster, 2020


Liefergrün is a technology and service platform revolutionizing commerce with same-day.

Thing Trax logo

London, 2020


ThingTrax is an  Industrial  IoT  company offering Software as a Service.


Remote, 2019


Match builds the talent platform for the Future of Work.

Voya logo

Hamburg, 2017

Founding Investor

Voya is start-up for chat-based business travel service, based in Hamburg.

A twilight view from our office over the Spree to the Berlin TV Tower


We have our heart in Berlin, and feet all over the world.

At MVP Factory, we believe that geography is one of the greatest limitations to innovation and growth. Building a hybrid company (part on-site, part remote), we have team members all around the world, for instance in Malaga, Bucharest, Johannesburg, and Buenos Aires. And before Covid we regularly brought everyone together during our "Workations" in Tel Aviv and Cape Town.

With our headquarter located in the iconic "Treptower" in Berlin our team is connected to the city's famous electronic music scene (e.g. hosting a party during Tech Open Air or streaming from our office) , supporting during Covid with the Tech4Artists program.

Currently our team is supporting the #wirfürschule hackathon and the Digital Response initiative.

We are a member of Bitkom and maintain a broad professional IT services insurance.

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How Fintech companies are driving banking innovation

In our new insights series, MVP Factory will be looking at some of the ways traditional industries have been disrupted or elevated by digital first companies; starting with Fintech’s banking take over.



The Future of Work is Remote

The Future of Work will not come, unless we enable it - this is what we are convinced of at MVPF.



“The Future of Work“

In the prestigious hy Podcast our CEO Philipp Petrescu discusses best practices on building minimal viable products and why more enterprises should do so.