An online course platform for young parents

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The ask
Providing a digital format for young families to continue performing the courses provided by the German Red Cross in times of Covid-19.
The Solution
DRK Elterncampus, an online course platform for young families which is both reachable by mobile and web.

The German Red Cross (DRK, Deutsches Rotes Kreuz) has been offering a variety of course programs to support families in the challenging times of a child’s first years of life. These courses have always been very demanded by parents and provided by the DRK branches all over Germany. However, when the Covid-19 pandemic did hit, many of these courses were forced to be suspended. The DRK realized that a digital approach was needed in order to continue supporting families in these upsetting and intensive times.

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The Challenge

Because of Covid-19, DRK was forced to accelerate and promote their digital transformation faster than ever. DRK approached MVP Factory in order to develop the DRK Elterncampus, an online course platform that would allow young families to continue performing their baby courses online despite the pandemic situation.

In addition, a management tool needed to be developed for the stakeholders that would be involved in the online creation and performance of these online courses. These stakeholders were also in need of support to improve their digital skills. Challenge accepted.

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What we did

Aligning on Goals & Designing

One of our main goals for the kick-off workshop was to get familiar with the company structure and all stakeholders that would be involved throughout the project. Together we started aligning on the scope, identifying goals and challenges that would have an impact on the timeline of the project. This followed by a design phase focused on understanding all components of the platform and all different users. After that, we designed and test wireframes with users and stakeholders in order to gain speed in building the platform.

Refining and Coaching

Once the platform was live, we continued gathering customer insights. In this phase of the project, we focused on improving existing features and adding new ones that would improve the user experience of our customers. For instance, we created a dedicated view for the instructors of the courses to make it easy for them to have an overview of their upcoming courses. Our main goal throughout the project was to provide a basis for offering a uniform course booking system for our stakeholders even after the pandemic.

Building & Iterating

The project was carried out using an agile and user-centric approach. The platform consisted of several components and users. On one side we had the public view of the platform where our end-users would buy and take part of their courses. To complement this, we had the admin view where the different stakeholders would create and manage their courses. During the development of those, we made sure to continue talking and gathering feedback from our stakeholders.

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Value delivered

The DRK Elterncampus has brought together young families affected by the pandemic situation allowing them to continue to perform their courses virtually in times of social distancing.

Together with the DRK we were able to develop a user-centric platform that provides a basis for offering a uniform course booking system even after the pandemic.

In addition, the project has also shown DRK how easy it can be to jump on the digital transformation train if you just have the right partner to do it with.

It‘s great to work with you and I'm impressed with your constant support and the dedication each of you has shown during our collaboration. I have presented the platform in several internal and external meetings and have always received very positive feedback - both in terms of user-centricity and forward-thinking concept.

Luise Springer
Project Lead Elterncampus & BO
Core Team

The humans behind this project

Giesela Wedler
Lead Innovation & Social Trends
Luise Springer
Project Lead Elterncampus & BO
Laura B. Segerström
Senior Product Manager
Marcus Vieira