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Innovate Care - Building an e-learning platform for care facilities

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The ask
An easy and time-saving way for small and medium-sized care facilities to train their employees online.
The Solution
Pflegeclever: An e-learning platform enabling flexible education management for small to medium care facilities by providing a seamless implementation in existing workflows and flawless user experience.

Since 2016, Relias has offered educational videos for the training of medical staff in Germany. The platform’s extensive functionalities allow big medical organisations to manage their staff’s medical training, but Relias realised that the platform’s complexity posed a barrier for smaller facilities.

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The Challenge

Relias wanted a platform that provided the same high-quality content while also offering functionality tailored to the needs of institutions with less time to organise the education of their staff, and with intuitive workflows for users who are potentially less tech-savvy.

It was also vital that the workflows of Relias's own employees were represented on the platform, enabling them to manage content and clients on its admin-facing side.

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What we did

Identifying Needs

We explored the needs of medical staff in small to medium care facilities, gathering insights by conducting interviews with Relias employees, care homes and carers working in those facilities. We aimed to understand both the current market situation and potential pain points. The insights gathered from the different stakeholders allowed us to understand the problem that needed solving.

Build the Platform

For the platform to be successful, it was vital that it could be easily integrated into Relias's existing workflows to reduce any additional work. To achieve this, we integrated the platform into Relias's existing systems for content creation and management from a centralised source. An agile approach meant we were able to generate an early version for testing, iterating from there to build a fully functional, integrated platform.

Design & Prototype Validation

With insights gained and the client’s expertise, we created a prototype with core functionality to match medical staff needs. This solution, a simple e-learning platform requiring minimal user management and no active sales approach, then had to be validated. We conducted a Landing Page Test and questionnaire to establish market interest, while user tests with our prototype helped us better understand user needs and the features required.

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Value delivered

MVP Factory delivered valuable insights into the needs and wishes of Relias’s target users.

We designed a platform that incorporated Relias’s expertise, gained through years of experience in e-learning in the healthcare sector, with innovative workflows for great user experience.

Helping Relias to provide their online training to small and medium care facilities makes the lives of carers easier and more flexible, while also keeping the number of new processes to a minimum.

We were always impressed by the speed and pragmatism of MVP Factory and how the team manoeuvred reliably through the sometimes complex Tech requirements in a corporate environment.

Adrian Thiessen
Core Team

The humans behind this project

Benedikt Suhr
Product Manager (Working Student)
Robert Vossen
Partner Growth
Hannah Fahnenstich
Junior Product Manager
Cezar Zamfir
Head of Technology