Meet alpakas—our latest internal venture

Discover how we’re fostering intrapreneurship with our latest internal venture, alpakas, bringing zero waste and sustainability to the delivery app market.

You’ve almost certainly seen advertisements for the convenient grocery delivery apps that are currently seeing considerable growth. These quick commerce players are changing the game for grocery delivery services, but they’ve also sparked several debates—from working conditions to waste—proving that in many cases, convenience comes at a cost. It was time to shake up the industry, for the better.

At MVP Factory we encourage intrapreneurship and believe it’s important to launch internal ventures alongside our work with corporations—we are a team of entrepreneurs, after all. So when our Entrepreneur in Residence Antony Roczek came to us with a business idea that aimed to combine quick commerce with the sustainable, zero-waste business model of “unverpackt” grocery stores, we believed it had huge potential. And now, a few months later, we can finally reveal more about our latest internal venture: alpakas.

What is alpakas?

alpakas is how conscious, sustainable same-day e-commerce grocery delivery should be done: bringing convenient zero waste, organic grocery delivery to the masses without sacrificing on sustainability or working conditions for its delivery drivers. alpakas is driving change by offering a convenient, accessible alternative, and offering it now.

Founder Antony Roczek wanted to create a sustainable business that ensured both less waste and fair working conditions for staff, and we provided the support to make it happen.

So how does MVP Factory approach internal ventures?

With the business idea set—and our belief in the concept—it was time to validate. This was done via a landing page and social media campaign, establishing interest and intent from potential users. As a result of the positive initial response, we validated the business model in a  2-3 month project to determine the desirability, viability and feasibility of the market and idea.

With the business idea validated, we provided support in establishing the business framework, assisting with storytelling and the creation of the pitch deck, and supporting throughout the fundraising process—while in parallel searching for co-founders to establish the core team and help drive the growth of the business.

After finding the perfect fit in co-founders Simon Chorzelski and Tomy Eitner, we continued to  provide support in areas such as finance and HR, allowing Antony and co-founders to focus on taking alpakas to the next level.

Being involved with an internal venture from the initial idea meant we were available for regular support and mentoring throughout the process. The alpakas team still have the opportunity to tap into our expertise whenever required, and our collaboration with them doesn’t end here: keep an eye out for upcoming developments that’ll mean even more convenience for end users.

The alpakas team is fully up and running and they are driving their own success. We believe the amazing founding team has what it takes to turn alpakas into a household name. We’re happy to have been able to provide them with support and resources to get alpakas off the ground, and they’re a true example of why it’s vital to never overlook internal ventures.

MVP Factory x Intrapreneurship

When it comes to building ventures, MVP Factory’s strength lies in being able to offer both expertise and resources—and all with an entrepreneurial background. That’s why we don’t just build ventures for corporations, but also for ourselves, as we truly believe that this is the core quality of a digital product and venture builder

The entrepreneurial experience that’s so beneficial for our partners also means we’re always considering what we ourselves can build next. If we believe in it, we’ll build it. Our experience across tech and product allows us to create tailored approaches, and MVP Match means access to top tier tech freelancers to make it all happen.

So if you want to know how we approach venture building within organisations, then please get in touch. And if you want to join a team that builds ventures from scratch and builds what they believe in, then please get in touch as well!

And you never know—the next business idea we get off the ground might be yours.

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