"Startrampe" becomes a start-up breeding ground for sustainable mobility

JobRad's 'Startrampe' Venture Studio: Fueling Sustainable Mobility Start-Ups. Discover how MVP Factory and JobRad are fostering innovation within the mobility industry.

  • In the future, the internal venture studio "Startrampe" will accompany the foundation and development of new start-ups within the JobRad Group from the idea to market
  • MVP Factory has been supporting JobRad Holding since 2022 in identifying, developing, and implementing new digital business ideas
  • The Venture Studio aims to establish sustainable business models in the mobility industry

Berlin/Freiburg, 17.10.2023 - The JobRad Group, a pioneer in sustainable mobility, has launched its subsidiary "Startrampe" with MVP Factory. It is an in-house Venture Studio that will evaluate start-up ideas and develop them into business models. Upon successful validation and testing, these will be spun off as part of the JobRad Group. The venture studio is expertly managed by Dr. Kristine Johari, an experienced Jobrad Holding strategist, and Uwe Habicher, a brand management expert.

The Venture Studio, based at the JobRad Campus in Freiburg, plans to grow to twenty employees in the coming months. Ulrich Prediger, founder of JobRad, is pleased with current developments: "It has always been clear to us that innovation should also emerge from within the group itself. That is why we not only give ideas a protected space but also approach them strategically and proactively in the future. Our industry experience and knowledge of the challenges of our stakeholders, combined with MVP Factory's digital know-how and implementation strength, represent excellent prerequisites for a successful Venture Studio."

Holger Tumat, CEO JobRad; Kristine Johari, CEO Startrampe

Innovative strength through intrapreneurship: Ideas are created by JobRad employees

Holger Tumat, CEO of JobRad Holding SE, emphasizes: "In cooperation with the MVP Factory team, we can align our innovation projects with the market and develop new, innovative business models within a very short time. We want to allow the employees of the JobRad Group to actively shape the future with new innovative business ideas." 

"The recently awarded startup whatever.works, a JobRad Group company, has already been created on exactly this basis. It supports employers in enabling career sabbatical models, such as work-outs or micro-sabbaticals - legally compliant, flexible, and digital," adds Uwe Habicher, CEO of Startrampe.

MVP Factory, a digital venturer & product builder, set up the Venture Studio with JobRad. "Together with JobRad Holding, we set up a venture-building process that accompanies the transition from idea to implementation," says Philipp Petrescu, CEO of MVP Factory. "The launch pad makes it possible to act in an entrepreneurial and agile way to build value-creating digital business models based on existing competencies and assets. With this setup, JobRad is positioned for the future and can bring ideas to implementation."


Johannes Simon, Managing Partner MVP Factory;
Ulrich Prediger, Founder JobRad

About the JobRad Group

The JobRad Group is one of the leading providers of innovative services around sustainable and flexible bicycle mobility. It includes subsidiaries that focus on company bike leasing, rental and used bikes, and HR-Tech. With more than 1,000 employees at the headquarters in Freiburg and various other locations like Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, and Vienna, the Jobrad group is the market leader in company bike leasing. More than 1,000 employees at the headquarters in Freiburg and locations in Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, and Vienna work with full commitment to integrate sustainable mobility solutions into people's everyday lives.

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