AI-infused innovation and prompt engineering

The business world is evolving, and new technologies like AI have started penetrating wider industries, with the number of use cases rising.

However, given the intricate nature, stakeholders are facing difficulty in successfully incorporating the power of AI into their innovation processes. In this webinar, experts from MVP Factory - Dorian Schlede, Kilian Sorg, and Michael Tetsuo, walk the viewers through the transformative landscape of Generative AI and explore the best tools to harness AI into business model ideation.

AI will reach human-level performance way faster than previously estimated.

Some of the topics covered in this 1-hour insightful session include:

→The benefits of AI for innovators, along with popular use cases on ideation, prototyping, and building.

→The basis of prompt engineering and a step-by-step guide to creating a well-engineered prompt.

→A live demonstration of InnovationGPT OS, an AI-powered operating system designed to facilitate the creation of a Business Model Canvas.

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Topics included