MVP Validation: From idea to market in an hour

One of the biggest challenges Innovation Managers face when converting a business idea into a successful venture is the absence of a concrete toolkit, tangible industry insights, and practical know-how. 

Test Early; Fail Cheap

In this webinar, Marie Combes, Director of Design at MVP Factory, delves deep into ways to accelerate the time to market and explores the various facets and strategies of data-driven validation.

Some of the topics covered in this 1-hour insightful session include: 

  • The most common hurdles that corporates face when going from Ideation to Prototyping and Launch and how to overcome them. 
  • A case-study walkthrough about the different methods for managing and testing key hypotheses.
  • A brief introduction to the ICE Framework and how to use it for prioritizing ideas in the backlog.

If you’re interested in how to build products and ventures that drive high value, sign-up and get access to the webinar recording. 

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Topics included
  • Overcominig ideation to launch hurdles
  • Case study walkthrough for hypothesis testing
  • Applying the ICE framework effectively