Our process for building great ventures

At the heart of our strategy lies a deep understanding of user needs, a keen focus on the viability of the business case, and rapid implementation of ventures supported by agile and lean methodologies.

Over the past years, we've proudly built over 200 exceptional products and ventures. Our tried-and-tested Venture and MVP-Building process enables us to lay the foundation for the next wave of market-leading tech companies efficiently, swiftly, and systematically.

Choose our all-inclusive End-to-End service, guiding you seamlessly through the entire venture building process, or opt for our specialized assistance, stepping in exactly where you need us.

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1. Discover & Explore

We begin by immersing ourselves in the problem you want to solve or the market you aspire to conquer, and together we define the potential impact of your venture. Whether you bring a well-defined product concept or just a spark of an idea - we work alongside you to either fine tune or catalyze ideation, offering our external expertise. 

In this stage, we pledge to deliver exhaustive market, competitor and user research.

Outcome & Impact
  • A novel digital business model, idea, or service (or a prioritized portfolio thereof)
  • Actionable insights on technologies and market participants
  • A comprehensive product strategy, including a thorough cost-benefit analysis
2. Design and Validate

Next, we strive to gather concrete evidence of a preliminary product-market fit. By identifying a critical mass of customer value, financial viability, and technical feasibility, we pave the way for further progress. When our meticulously tested experiment sequences show promising results, we tap into consumer needs to shape a compelling business model and subsequently connected product.

In this stage, we present prioritized hypotheses, run experiments to validate or (de-)validate these hypotheses, conduct in-depth user research, and formulate a persuasive pitch.

Outcome & Impact
  • A collection of tested hypotheses pertaining to desirability, feasibility and viability, either validated or de-validated
  • A detailed outline of your customer demographics (personas), their engagement patterns (customer journeys) and their necessities (value proposition canvas)
  • A thoroughly designed business model and streamlined offering
3. Scoping & Prototype

After a successful design and validation process, we kickstart the lean prototyping cycle, laying the technical groundwork for the final product. We merge our customer and commercial insights to define and test a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The insights derived help to fuel the product development and capture the essential technical specifications. 

In this stage, we provide a front-end concept, an MVP prototype, the technical aspects and a thoroughly planned product roadmap.

Outcome & Impact
  • Comprehensive usability and concept research, attracting users with a functional prototype
  • Detailed technical architecture including a deployment strategy, product testing and an analytics strategy for product scalability
  • A detailed product roadmap with key milestones, strategically prioritized based on user feedback and business value, to ensure streamlined execution
4. Build & scale

Finally, we establish a robust operational model designed to swiftly respond and adapt to dynamic changes. Concurrently, we devise and execute a sharp go-to-market strategy to gain momentum right off the bat, as our skilled product managers and developers drive the product towards peak-customer value.

In this final phase, we deliver an organizational setup, marketing strategy, and a product that is fully ready to be scaled.

Outcome & Impact
  • A Venture operating model designed for rapid execution while keeping a steadfast focus on customers
  • Front and backend development crafting a scalable product for future growth
  • A go-to market strategy designed and executed to secure immediate traction
then what?
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Following the launch, we can stay engaged, continuously refining the product based on user feedback and data insights. We offer scaling support, encompassing online marketing, growth hacking, HR, and operations.

Icon Maintain

We can shoulder the responsibility for technical maintenance to ensure your product operates and scales seamlessly. We provide various levels of support under flexible Service Level Agreements.

Icon Handover

Should you decide to bring further development in-house, we facilitate a smooth transition through a guided handover process, helping to onboard your team effectively.

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Partners in digital transformation

We take pride in our track record of helping clients overcome challenges and seize opportunities through digital innovation. Here are a few examples of how we've partnered with our clients to build impactful digital products: