Discovery Sprint

Go through a research-focused process to unravel and prioritize impactful business opportunities.

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Problem space

Are you unsure about what products, services, business models or features to build next?

With us, you will spot the right business opportunities in a strategic and economic context, with due research and facilitation.

By gathering the right data and challenging opportunities from a customer, market, tech and business perspective, we will pinpoint those with the best potential for new revenue generation.

Actionable results after 2-4 weeks

  • Icon/16/list itemThorough customer, market, tech, and business analysis
  • Icon/16/list itemA prioritized shortlist of high potential innovation opportunities
  • Icon/16/list itemPitch deck for internal decision making

Solution Space

How does a Discovery Sprint work?

Phase 1

Defining Opportunity Spaces
  • Icon/16/list itemUnderstanding the strategic context
  • Icon/16/list itemReview of existing opportunity backlog
  • Icon/16/list itemDefinition of key playgrounds for further research

Phase 2

Fact finding
  • Icon/16/list itemQualitative & quantitative user research
  • Icon/16/list itemMarket and competitor analysis
  • Icon/16/list itemDeep dive into technological tipping points and their business impact

Phase 3

Strategy workshop
  • Icon/16/list itemStructured assessment of identified business opportunities
  • Icon/16/list itemPrioritization based on impact, confidence and effort
  • Icon/16/list itemCreation of management decision deck

how we can help you

A Discovery Sprint can answer…

You have a full opportunity backlog, but are unsure which topics are worth tackling?

A Discovery Sprint sprint will help you choose the right business opportunities to pursue. Through our proven ICE Scoring model, we will challenge the relevance of your ideas and rank them based on potential impact, confidence and effort to build.

At the end, your opportunity backlog has been prioritized and you have a clear action plan on what to validate next.

You want to capitalize on a new trend, but have no idea how?

By screening the startup landscape & our VC network and conducting comprehensive trend research, we will unravel new opportunities for you to capitalize on.

During the process, we will score and qualify all identified opportunities to ensure you can work on topics that are strategically relevant for your company and help you unlock new revenue streams.

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