Elevating the pregnancy experience with a digital solution for seamless tracking and expert personalized support

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The ask
Venture Lab, Niterra Group aspired to redefine the support standards for pregnant women in Germany by following a holistic approach through an integrated hardware and software solution. 
The Solution
Nanell: A smart solution that blends hardware and software to ease health management throughout pregnancy and connects women to experts and certified content for encompassing support.

Pregnancy ought to be characterized by a sense of positivity yet it frequently becomes clouded with uncertainties due to a lack of certified resources - women struggle to find midwives, obtain support between visits, and navigate the daily experience. 

Our partner, Venture Lab, Niterra Group, identified a need for a comprehensive solution that allows a holistic control and overview of pregnancy for women, enabling them to steer through the unknowns. 

After validating the initial MVP, they needed support in building the digital application - they onboarded the MVPF team to transform the idea into a functional prototype and direct the customer flow.

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The Challenge

The objective of creating a smart pregnancy solution is to empower pregnant women to pilot everyday life with confidence and trust in their health through expert aid and a comprehensive overview.

The clear challenge was to capture the right audience at the right time while also incorporating the novelty of every pregnancy journey. All pregnancies are different - bringing personalization and keeping users actively involved during the different stages of pregnancy was necessary for the success of the solution.

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What we did

Translating vision into a functional prototype

The validated idea came with three essential pillars - expert support, Smart tracking, and certified content. The ask from the client was to build a user-centric solution that translates the pillars into effective app journeys. MVPF kickstarted the process through user interviews - we connected with 25+ users to get a comprehensive understanding of their pain points and what possible features could be valuable. We also tested our solution through user testing to identify usability issues and improve the user experience. 

The next step was to launch the beta version in Testflight to gather first data, fix bugs, and identify improvements, followed by an official launch in the app store to collect real-world data.

During the beta phase, we validated our design choices and optimized the workflows through user interviews and in-app tracking. In addition, we identified opportunities to improve the experience and develop tailored features for every stage of the pregnancy journey.

Onboarding experts and incorporating integrated support

The backbone of Nanell is our expert network. Throughout the building phase, we interviewed our experts (midwives, gynecologists, and nutritionists) to validate our assumptions and help us generate relevant and personalized content for the pregnancy journey. 

Our experts (6+) are available to answer any questions through our in-app chat and provide customized assistance with the opportunity of taking a 1:1 consultation for a deeper look into dietary concerns or pregnancy-related questions.

Our curated content is tailored according to the pregnancy week and trimester, and the inventory ranges from recipes and pregnancy courses to birth preparation, finance, and more. Additionally, we conduct monthly user interviews and in-app surveys to pinpoint additional content needs and areas for enhancement. This approach aims to further personalize the user experience, fostering increased engagement and satisfaction.

Smart tracking to enable control and better overview

Pregnant women recognize the importance of keeping track of their health (e.g. weight, blood pressure, sports) during pregnancy. Our product design and engineering expertise facilitated us to incorporate the connection with 4 smart devices (Smart scale, Blood Pressure Monitor, Blood sugar monitor, and fetal Doppler). In addition, we allowed for Apple health connection and manual tracking - the aim is to make tracking seamless for our users to easily have an overview of their health parameters throughout their pregnancy and in between doctor visits.Nanell is GDPR compliant, ensuring the privacy and security of sensitive health data.

After the official launch of the app in the app store beginning of September, we have been able to increase our offering and value of both the freemium and premium versions. We meet with our users regularly and gather insights through user surveys to continue improving Nanell and identify new opportunities.

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Value delivered

An iOS app designed exclusively for pregnant women, accompanying them through every step of the journey. 

The MVP Factory and Venture Lab, Niterra Group team built Nanell to provide 360-degree support to pregnant women, empowering them with expert support and smart health tracking. 

Today, we have 7500+ installs on the platform with a retention rate of 23.5% as compared to the 7% average retention rate in the health & fitness category. We are now preparing to expand the offering and onboarding more nutritionists and midwives to the application.

Through Nanell, we aim to provide a sense of security and offer carefree pregnancy to women by delivering personalized services, curated content, and expert support. 

Working with MVPF has been such a wonderful experience. The integration of MVPF into this project was seamless and a big thanks would go to Laura for keeping the whole project under control and always being one step ahead of everything. The work ethic at MVPF is inspiring. Keep up the great work.”- Sathya Arvind La Bolle, Tech Lead at Venture Lab, Niterra Group 

Since day one, the MVP Factory team has felt like an extension of our own. It’s been incredible to witness our combined dedication, expertise, and commitment to action, turning our vision into a reality. I look forward to scaling it to success in the coming future.

Joanna Funck
Head of Venture Lab EMEA, Niterra Group
Core Team

The humans behind this project

Laura B. Segerström
Senior Product Manager
Alexander Frimpong
Product Designer
Damir Seremet
Tech Lead & Engineering Manager
Francesca Manganella
Venture Architect
Clare Golblatt
Product Designer
Michael Tetsuo Grundstein
Senior Growth Marketing Manager