Rapid Prototyping

Get 360┬░ validation of your business concept through iterative prototyping, customer testing & business analysis.

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Problem Space

You want to test and validate your business idea to ensure you only invest in high-impact winners?

Accelerate your early-stage validation through product prototyping, user testing and a detailed feasibility and viability assessment.

We will challenge and validate your core hypotheses and help you answer all critical questions, so you can make informed decisions on what to build next.

Actionable results after 6-8 weeks

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  • A kick-off ready product or venture concept
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  • Product prototypes/mockups with an extensive validation report
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  • Management decision deck

Solution Space

How does Rapid Prototyping work?

In our 6 weeks rapid prototyping program, we challenge your core hypothesis about desirability, feasibility, viability and strategic fit.

We will bring together the right validation methods, such as qualitative and quantitative customer research, market & competitor analysis, business mapping and technical feasibility assessment, to turn your case into a product with validated problem-solution fit.

Moreover, we will craft a comprehensive implementation strategy to build and launch the validated product afterwards.


MVP Factory helped us efficiently test and validate our digital product ideas...

Dustin Liebhart
Digital Transformation Manager, Jebsen & Jessen

The Rapid Prototyping Journey

Phase 1

Product Prototyping & User Testing
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  • Definition of value proposition
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  • Creation of click dummy, flow charts & user journeys
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  • Qualitative & quantitative user testing

Phase 2

Tech & Business Assessment
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  • Scoping and definition of technical architecture & tech/tool stack
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  • Validation of technical feasibility
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  • Business mapping and viability check (e.g. unit economics)

Phase 3

Implementation Planning
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  • Product deployment & testing plan
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  • Design of go-to-market strategy
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  • Definition of timeline, milestones and required team structure

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